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Brief history of CHF

Jun 22, 2010Accreditation by UNESCO recognizing KCHF as NGO in the field of intangible cultural heritage
Oct 29, 2013Initiated official development assistance (ODA) for world cultural heritage (Hong Nang Sida site, Laos)
Aug 29, 2014Renamed Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation
Dec. 3, 2015Re-approved as UNESCO’s advisory body (NGO) for Intangible Cultural Heritage
Dec. 9, 2017Selected as evaluation body for the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage
Apr 1, 2000Opening of cultural products shop at Korea House
Dec 30, 2000Excavation and Research Project Group renamed as the Cultural Heritage Research Group
May 11, 2002Began reenactments of Opening and Closing Ceremony of Joseonera royal palace and Royal Guard Changing Ceremony
Apr 1, 2003Opening of the new building of Korea Cultural House
Jul 1, 2003Designation as a special corporation (in accordance with Article 9 of the Cultural Heritage Protection Act)
Jan 1, 2004Operation and management of Jeonju Traditional Culture Center (until December 21, 2010)
Sep 24, 2004Opening of Traditional Cultural Experience Center for Foreigners at Incheon International Airport
Sep 1, 2006Formation of task force for the establishment of International Information and Networking Centre for Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Asia-Pacific Region (ICHCAP) under the auspices of UNESCO
Apr, 2007Designation as a non-classified public institution (in accordance with law on operation of public institutions)
Mar 17, 2009Opening of Korea Traditional Cultural Experience Center at Incheon International Airport
Sep 8, 2009Extended and opened the Chwiseongwan (KOREA HOUSE)
Sep 1, 1992Renamed Korea Cultural Heritage Protection Foundation
Mar 18, 1995Launched Buried Cultural Property Excavation and Research Team
Mar 21, 1995Launched courses at the School of Korean Traditional Crafts and Architecture (1 year course)
Oct 23, 1996Establishment of the Organizing Committee Secretariat for the Year of Cultural Heritage ’97
Nov 29, 1997Opening of the new building of National Intangible Cultural Heritage Training Center (KCHF headquarters moved to new location)
Apr 18, 1998Opening of Namsangol Hanok Village (operated by KCHF: until December 31, 2003 / November 22, 2007—December 31, 2009)
Apr 1, 1980Establishment of the Association for the Preservation of Korea Cultural Properties
Feb 20, 1981Opening of Korea House and Folk Theater
Apr 15, 1982Began operation of National Intangible Cultural Heritage Training Center
Aug 1, 1984Began publishing Wolgan Munhwajae (magazine for Korean cultural heritage)
October 2, 1989Launched lecture series (3 month course) at the Traditional Arts and Craft Center within Gyeongbokgung Palace

Former Chf Presidents

Former Chf Presidents information table.
The first Park, Jong-guk 1980.04.01.~1985.03.14.
The second Kim, Jong-seol 1985.03.15.~1986.08.18.
The third Park, Ho-jun 1986.11.20.~1992.03.31.
The fourth Kim, Chi-gon 1992.04.01.~1994.08.23.
The fifth Kim, Jeon-bae 1994.08.24.~1998.03.31.
The sixth Jeong, Deok-yong 1998.05.09.~1999.08.09.
The seventh Ha, Jin-gyu 1999.10.26.~2001.05.08.
The eighth Seo, Jeong-bae 2001.05.09.~2003.07.23.
The ninth Lee, Seung-gyu 2003.07.24.~2004.04.15.
The tenth Lee, Dong-sik 2004.04.16.~2007.04.30.
The tenth Kim, Hong-real 2007.05.01.~2010.07.26.
The twelfth Lee, Se-seop 2010.07.27.~2013.09.08.
The thirteenth Kim, Jong-jin 2013.09.09.~2014.07.16.
The fourteenth Seo, Dosik 2015.03.23.~2016.11.25.
The fifteenth Jin, Ok-Sub 2018.01.03.~2021.05.09.