Visit Cultural Heritage Campaign

문화유산 방문 캠페인 'Visit Korean Heritage' Campaign

Let’s create enigmatic cultural heritage that is unique to Korea!

We have been committed to preserving and passing down the cultural heritage of Korea for years.

To proudly introduce our cultural heritage, which has been preserved not only for our people but also the international community, we’ve decided to carry out the Visit Korean Heritage Campaign.

The related tour programs were developed based on the World Heritage sites and Intangible Heritage of Humanity in Korea.

There will also be a wide variety of programs that will help participants become more familiar with Korea’s cultural heritage and turn Korea into an attractive travel destination.

Visit Cultural Heritage Tours

The Road of the Millennial Spirit, presenting the long and rich history of Korea

The Road to the Ancient Capital of Baekje, shedding light on the history and culture of Baekje

Sorti-gil where southern melodies can be heard

The Road into Myths and Nature, which is a natural paradise

The Road to the Royal Family, where you can get a glimpse into various aspects of Korea’s history, from dolmens to royal palaces

The Road to Seowon (Confucian Academies), the birthplace of Neo-Confucianism in Korea

To Road to Ascetic Practice, which includes a blend of Korean traditions and Buddhist culture

The Road to the Gaya Civilization, where the brilliant ironware of Gaya are preserved

The Road to Prehistoric Geology, embracing traces of earth’s history

The Road to Gwandong Culture, the essence of Korea’s realistic landscape paintings

Korean Heritage Stamp Book

Visit the recommended attractions and get a stamp in your stamp book.

Information on the stamp tour.

문화유산과 함께해서 더욱 특별해지는 5대 특별사업 내국인용


문화유산과 함께해서 더욱 특별해지는 5대 특별사업 외국인용


※ Inquiries : 82-2-2270-1273, 1274, 1275

※ Check out the guidebook to learn all about the Visit Korean Heritage Campaign and the recommended tours.

※ A detailed map is included to show the tour sites at a glance.