International Cooperation

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Capacity Building Project for the Operation of the National Museum in DR Congo

Project Overview

In connection with the Korea International Cooperation Agency’s project for establishing the National Museum in DR Congo, the Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation invited the employees who would work at the new museum from 2017 to 2020 and offered training in Korea. During the training, the employees visited advanced museums in Korea and underwent an education program provided by Korean experts. After the new National Museum opened in 2019, Korean experts visited for further consulting.

Major Activities

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Invitational Training

The Foundation has annually invited trainees of DR Congo, providing a professional training on policies of managing cultural heritage and museum systems in Korea for three weeks. The trainees learned Korean systems through lectures of experts on cultural properties and museums and site visits, working out an action plan that could be applied to DR Congo.

하단 내용 참조
Local Training

The ribbon-cutting ceremony of the National Museum was held in Kinshasa, the capital of DR Congo, in June 2019. Three Korean experts on museums were dispatched to provide lectures and on-site consulting on exhibition, storage, and preservation of relics. 50 employees who would work at the new museum participated in the local training.