2023 The Moonlight Tour at Changdeokgung Palace-the second half (of the year)
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We are delighted to invite you to Changdeokgung Palace, most beloved home of the kings of the Joseon Dynasty!

Beneath the delicate moonlight, amid the beautiful green trees, under the light of heongsachorong, (A traditional Korean lantern) discover the hidden stories of the palace.

The Moonlight Tour at Changdeokgung Palace is looking forward to seeing you!

1. Tickets : 14:00 on Wed, Sep 20, 2023

2. Reservation :

3. Contact Us 

  ○ 1588-7890 (Ticketlink customer service in Korean)

  ○1644-3850 (Ticketlink customer service in English)

4. Event Information

  ○ Date : Oct 19(Thu.) ~ 22(Sun.) 2023

  ○ Timed admission

    - Session1 19:00 : English (25 persons)

    - Session1 19:05 : English (25 persons)

    - Session1 19:10 : English (25 persons)

    - Session2 19:50 : English (25 persons)

    - Session2 19:55 : Japanese (25 persons)

    - Session2 20:00 : Chinese (25 persons)

    * Groups are admitted at intervals of 5 minutes

    * The timed entry may be subject to change according to the number of reservations

and the order of checking each visitor's ID on the event day. 

  ○ Number of tickets : 150 persons per day(25 persons per group)

  ○ Duration : Approximately 100 mins.

  ○ Age limit : Open to persons aged 8 or older. (School children and teenagers must be accompanied by a parent or a guardian being present)

5. Program Information

  ○ Moonlight Tour at Changdeokgung Palace

    - The Moonlight Tour at Changdeokgung Palace invites you to admire the night views of the palace in the company of a professional guide.

  ○ Traditional Art Performances

    - The performances are subject to change according to the circumstances.

    - Daegeum : Bamboo Flute

    - Ajaeng : Stringed Instrument

    - Gagok : Traditional Vocal Music

    - Court Dance : Bakjeommu(Fluttering Butterfly Wing Dance) and Bosangmu (Treasure Table Dance)

  ○ Special Program┃Walk of the Royal Family

    - Meet the king and queen of Joseon Dynasty

6. Guide Map

  ① Donhwamun Gate(* Meeting point and Exit for Moonlight tour) → ② Geumcheongyo Bridge → ③ Injeongjeon Hall → ④ Huijeongdang Hall → ⑤ Nakseonjae Hall → ⑥ Sangryangjeong Pavilion → ⑦ Buyongji Pond & Buyongjeong Pavilion → ⑧ Bullomun Gate & Aeryeonjeong Pavilion → ⑨ Yeongyeongdang Hall → ⑩ Secret Garden Forest Trail

7. How to reserve a ticket

  ○ Please make a reservation after reading the notice and guidance below.

  ○ For Reservation Online

    - Ticket Limits : 2 tickets per person

    - Reservation Deadline : 9 a.m. on the day of the tour date.

    - Ticket cancellation : until 5 p.m. the day before the tour date. (There is no cancellation fee)

    - Tickets : KRW 30,000 for 1 person

    - Reservation :

* You can use Ticketlink Global services with a PAYCO ID.

* The reservation service is not offered to non-members of Ticketlink.

* <Changdeokgung Moonlight Tour> For foreigners to check their identity on the same day.

* Please refer to the information below and bring your alien registration card or passport.

Ticket Reservation





Alien Registration Card (Including Overseas Korean Resident Card)

- Name

- Foreign Registration Number


- Alien Registration Card

- Overseas Korean Resident Card with Foreign Nationality

- Certificate of Domestic Residence Report for Overseas Citizens


- Nationality

- Passport Number

- Birth Date

- Name

Unregistered Foreigners

Passport registered at the time of arrival

  ○ Contact Us 

    - 1588-7890 (Ticketlink customer service in Korean)

    - 1644-3850 (Ticketlink customer service in English)

8. Notice : In the Event of Rain

  ○ If more than 5 mm of precipitation is forecast as of 11:00 on the day of the tour (according to the National Weather Forecast), the tour will be canceled.

  ○ When making Internet reservations, be sure to update your personal information in your Ticketlink account in order to ensure smooth communication. 

  ○ In the event of rain, cancellation of the tour will be announced and a full refund will be given, please note that a cancelled tour will not be rescheduled

9. Notice : The Moonlight Tour at Changdeokgung Palace is a walking tour that

lasts for about 100 minutes.

Please make sure to wear comfortable shoes as it involves walking up and down steep stairs and along uneven roads.

For safety reasons, admission may be restricted for persons with limited mobility.