[Exhibition] Expression of Consciousness and Memory through Ceramics and Needlework
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    김선 ‘의식과 기억의 이미지’ 포스터    의식과 기억의 이미지_김선    2021 한국문화재재단 초대 작가전    2021.04.02.FRI - 04.11.SUN    Open 10AM - 7PM    국가무형문화재 전수교육관 2층 전시관[결]    서울 강남구 봉은사로 406    후원 : 한국문화재재단    자세한 내용 하단참조

□ Duration : 2021. 4. 2.(Fri) ~ 4. 11.(Sun) / 10:00 ~ 19:00

□ Directions : National Intangible Cultural Heritage Training Center “Gyeol,” the exhibition hall at the second floor

□ Content

Expression of Consciousness and Memory through Ceramics and Needlework

The process of working, for me, is a time to clear my head. It is a time to meditate. 

I enjoy this time.

One day we are struck by something or some action that brings back certain memories. For me, these are my grandmother, the sea, and needlework. The memory of hearing the sound of the waves while sewing with my grandmother is deeply embedded in me. At those times, the sea moved calmly, as if embracing my grandmother and me. The act of my grandmother’s needlework was like painting on fabric, with the needle as the paintbrush and  the threads as the paint. As a child, it was interesting to me that the needle didn’t stay in the cloth, but escaped that spot, leaving behind the thread’s figuration like the trail of a wave. This became an important motif in my artwork. 

The back story behind my creation of these works involves my childhood memories of my grandmother sewing. The sound of the ocean’s waves and ceramic art overlap with the sight of my grandmother doing needlework. As a way to tie these things together, along with the little stories and emotions given by the waves (the sea), onto the ceramics.

One notable characteristic of the actions embodied in my work is repetition. To briefly summarize my production process, after kneading the clay, i throw it on the potter’s wheel, where I form a vessel through repeated rotations; the vessel is shaped in this way, holes are repeatedly bored; through those holes, threads are repeatedly threaded using the needlework technique of thread, weave. To the artist performing this kind of repetitive work, the act of creation does not stop at being merely laborious manual labor; rather, the iterative work sparks the artist’s personal experiences and consciousness, reconstructing submerged memories and bringing them the surface of the present moment. Thus it involves the process of embodying past experiences and a kind of physical expression of consciousness and memory.

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